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LJ's Premier Lent and Muscovies Community!
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LJ's Premier Lent and Muscovies Community! / Премьер Живой журнал в Великий пост и Московско Сообщес
Do you love Lent and muscovies? You've found the right place!
Вы любите большие быстрые и muscov уток? Вы нашли правильное место!

Discussion on love bugs opened April 28, 2010, now closed.

Discussion on World Cup 2010 South Africa closed July 11, 2010 5:56PM.

Discussion on Dr. Bliss, Oviedo's premier dentist open January 19, 2011 10:23PM

Discussion on buckthorn hawkmoths permanently opened March 23, 2011 3:42PM (unofficially open forever)

Discussion on Ramadan 2011 opened July 24, 2011

Here is an amazing site about muscovies: http://muscovyducks.webs.com/
If you know of a site just like this about Lent, let me know!

Вот удивительный сайт об Московское уток: http://muscovyducks.webs.com/
Если вы знаете сайта так же, как это о великий пост, дайте мне знать!